Hinch maintains faith in D-backs' bullpen

Hinch maintains faith in D-backs' bullpen

PHOENIX -- D-backs manager A.J. Hinch said he still has faith in his relievers despite the bullpen's struggles this year.

The bullpen needs to start producing, though, and soon.

"I believe in the guys, they're going to get better," Hinch said. "They can't continue this performance just out of skills alone. It's a drain on everyone. They just need to get outs when they're called upon."

That's something they haven't done. Coming into Monday's action, Arizona relievers ranked last in the Majors with a 6.95 ERA and had allowed the most homers (20).

There doesn't appear to be much help ready to step in down on the farm, but should some of them be nervous about losing their jobs?

"Nervous?" Hinch said. "Sure. I think guys are always fighting for their jobs at this level, but I'd rather they focus on getting the outs. That will alleviate a lot of the stress and pressure. It's been ugly. It hasn't been a comfortable entrance into the season for them."

Hinch was then asked if he would give them a vote of confidence.

"The confidence is continuing to give them the ball," Hinch said. "They're all going through this at the same time. A vote of confidence for me is they're still on this team and they're still going to be relied on to get important outs. They need to make some adjustments. The walks have been particularly frustrating."

Until changes are made, Hinch will continue to do what he can to find the right combination.

"We just need to find solutions," he said. "I'm really more interested in solutions and trying to find ways to get these guys back on track. I'm surprised. My standards haven't changed in what expect out of the bullpen. I'd like them to pitch to their capabilities, which should be good enough."