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  • 6' 2" /200
  • Age: 34


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Zack Greinke 2018 Stats

33 15-11 3.21 207.2 199 1.08

Zack Greinke MLB Career Stats

455 187-118 3.39 2663.1 2435 1.17

Zack Greinke Bio

  • Full Name: Donald Zackary Greinke
  • Pronunciation: GRAYN-kee
  • Born: 10/21/1983 in Orlando, FL
  • Draft: 2002, Kansas City Royals, 1st rd. (6th overall)
  • High School: Apopka, FL
  • Debut: 5/22/2004
  • Relationship(s): brother of Luke Greinke
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2018 Stats 15 11 3.21 33 33 0 207.2 199 1.08
MLB Career Stats 187 118 3.39 455 414 1 2663.1 2435 1.17
  • Status: Active

Zack Greinke 2018 Splits

Last 7 Games 3 3 3.74 7 7 0 45.2 43 19 11 34 1.18
Last 15 Games 6 6 3.03 15 15 0 98.0 79 33 23 87 1.04
Last 30 Games 14 10 3.02 30 30 0 190.2 162 64 42 178 1.07
Last 7 Games 3 3 3.74 7 7 0 45.2 43 19 11 34 1.18
Last 15 Games 6 6 3.03 15 15 0 98.0 79 33 23 87 1.04
Last 30 Games 14 10 3.02 30 30 0 190.2 162 64 42 178 1.07
Last 3 Games W L SV IP H ER BB SO
9/16 @ HOU 0 1 0 6.1 8 4 2 2
9/21 vs COL 0 1 0 7.1 4 3 2 6
9/26 vs LAD 1 0 0 6.0 8 2 2 6
Last 3 Games W L SV IP H ER BB SO
9/16 @ HOU 0 1 0 6.1 8 4 2 2
9/21 vs COL 0 1 0 7.1 4 3 2 6
9/26 vs LAD 1 0 0 6.0 8 2 2 6
2018 Games by Position: SP (33)

Zack Greinke Four-seam FB Statcast Averages

Year Team LG NP Pitch Type Avg Pitch Speed (mph) Avg Spin Rate (rpm) Avg Exit Velocity (mph)
2018 D-backs NL 1,386 Four-seam FB 89.5 2,335 87.9
MLB Avg - - - Four-seam FB 93.2 2,263 88.4
Year Team LG NP Pitch Type Avg Pitch Speed (mph) Avg Spin Rate (rpm) Avg Exit Velocity (mph)
2018 D-backs NL 1,386 Four-seam FB 89.5 2,335 87.9
MLB Avg - - - Four-seam FB 93.2 2,263 88.4


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Zack Greinke Awards

AL Cy Young

Year Team League
2009 Kansas City AL

NL All-Star

Year Team League
2014 LA Dodgers NL
2015 LA Dodgers NL
2017 Arizona NL
2018 Arizona NL

AL All-Star

Year Team League
2009 Kansas City AL

NL Silver Slugger

Year Team League
2013 LA Dodgers NL

Rawlings NL Gold Glove

Year Team League
2014 LA Dodgers NL
2015 LA Dodgers NL
2016 Arizona NL
2017 Arizona NL

Wilson Defensive Player of the Year

Year Team League
2016 Arizona NL

NL Pitcher of the Month

Month Team League
08/2013 LA Dodgers NL
07/2018 Arizona NL

AL Pitcher of the Month

Month Team League
04/2009 Kansas City AL

NL Player of the Week

Week Team League
07/20/2015 LA Dodgers NL

AL Player of the Week

Week Team League
04/19/2009 Kansas City AL
08/31/2009 Kansas City AL

Starter of the Year - Awards

Year Team League
2009 Kansas City AL

MLB Players Choice NL Outstanding Pitcher

Year Team League
2015 LA Dodgers NL

MLB Players Choice AL Outstanding Pitcher

Year Team League
2009 Kansas City AL

Futures Game Selection

Year Team League
2003 Wichita TEX

Zack Greinke Leaderboards

Earned Run Average

Season ERA Rank
2008 3.47 10th in AL
2009 2.16 1st in AL
2013 2.63 4th in NL
2014 2.71 8th in NL
2015 1.66 1st in NL
2017 3.20 6th in NL
2018 3.21 10th in NL


Season W Rank
2008 13 17th in AL
2009 16 7th in AL
2011 16 6th in NL
2013 15 6th in NL
2014 17 5th in NL
2015 19 2nd in NL
2016 13 17th in NL
2017 17 2nd in NL
2018 15 6th in NL

Winning Percentage

Season WPCT Rank
2008 .565 19th in AL
2009 .667 8th in AL
2011 .727 4th in NL
2013 .789 1st in NL
2014 .680 6th in NL
2015 .864 1st in NL
2017 .708 5th in NL
2018 .577 11th in NL


Season SO Rank
2008 183 5th in AL
2009 242 2nd in AL
2010 181 12th in AL
2011 201 7th in NL
2014 207 5th in NL
2015 200 11th in NL
2017 215 5th in NL
2018 199 7th in NL


Season WHIP Rank
2008 1.28 18th in AL
2009 1.07 1st in AL
2010 1.25 17th in AL
2011 1.20 14th in NL
2013 1.11 10th in NL
2014 1.15 14th in NL
2015 0.84 1st in NL
2017 1.07 4th in NL
2018 1.08 6th in NL

Batting Average Against

Season AVG Rank
2008 .257 21st in AL
2009 .230 2nd in AL
2011 .245 15th in NL
2013 .234 13th in NL
2014 .247 23rd in NL
2015 .187 2nd in NL
2017 .230 7th in NL
2018 .231 10th in NL

Games Started

Season GS Rank
2005 33 8th in AL
2008 32 14th in AL
2009 33 4th in AL
2010 33 4th in AL
2014 32 12th in NL
2015 32 10th in NL
2017 32 5th in NL
2018 33 2nd in NL

Complete Games

Season CG Rank
2005 2 10th in AL
2008 1 16th in AL
2009 6 2nd in AL
2010 3 8th in AL
2013 1 17th in NL
2015 1 9th in NL
2016 1 8th in NL
2017 1 5th in NL


Season SHO Rank
2009 3 2nd in AL
2013 1 4th in NL
2016 1 3rd in NL

Innings Pitched

Season IP Rank
2008 202.1 12th in AL
2009 229.1 5th in AL
2010 220.0 7th in AL
2014 202.1 11th in NL
2015 222.2 4th in NL
2017 202.1 4th in NL
2018 207.2 4th in NL

Strikeouts per Nine Innings

Season K/9 Rank
2005 5.61 21st in AL
2008 8.14 6th in AL
2009 9.50 3rd in AL
2010 7.40 18th in AL
2011 10.54 1st in NL
2013 7.50 24th in NL
2014 9.21 5th in NL
2015 8.08 18th in NL
2017 9.56 8th in NL
2018 8.62 14th in NL

Strikeout/Walk Ratio

Season K/BB Rank
2005 2.15 22nd in AL
2008 3.27 10th in AL
2009 4.75 2nd in AL
2010 3.29 8th in AL
2011 4.47 4th in NL
2013 3.22 20th in NL
2014 4.81 6th in NL
2015 5.00 7th in NL
2017 4.78 4th in NL
2018 4.63 5th in NL


Season H Rank
2005 233 4th in AL
2008 202 19th in AL
2009 195 14th in AL
2010 219 7th in AL
2014 190 17th in NL
2016 161 22nd in NL
2017 172 18th in NL
2018 181 4th in NL

Home Runs

Season HR Rank
2004 26 17th in AL
2005 23 20th in AL
2008 21 23rd in AL
2014 19 22nd in NL
2016 23 17th in NL
2017 25 16th in NL
2018 28 3rd in NL

Zack Greinke Latest Transactions

Team Date Transaction
June 11, 2017 Arizona Diamondbacks activated RHP Zack Greinke from the paternity list.
June 8, 2017 Arizona Diamondbacks placed RHP Zack Greinke on the paternity list.
August 9, 2016 Arizona Diamondbacks activated RHP Zack Greinke from the 15-day disabled list.
August 9, 2016 Arizona Diamondbacks activated RHP Zack Greinke from the 15-day disabled list.
August 3, 2016 Arizona Diamondbacks sent RHP Zack Greinke on a rehab assignment to Reno Aces.
July 29, 2016 Arizona Diamondbacks sent RHP Zack Greinke on a rehab assignment to AZL D-backs.
July 3, 2016 Arizona Diamondbacks placed RHP Zack Greinke on the 15-day disabled list retroactive to June 29, 2016. Left oblique strain.
December 8, 2015 Arizona Diamondbacks signed free agent RHP Zack Greinke.
November 4, 2015 RHP Zack Greinke elected free agency.
July 26, 2015 Los Angeles Dodgers activated RHP Zack Greinke from the paternity list.
July 24, 2015 Los Angeles Dodgers placed RHP Zack Greinke on the paternity list.
May 15, 2013 Los Angeles Dodgers activated RHP Zack Greinke from the 15-day disabled list.
May 15, 2013 Los Angeles Dodgers activated RHP Zack Greinke from the 15-day disabled list.
May 10, 2013 Los Angeles Dodgers sent RHP Zack Greinke on a rehab assignment to Rancho Cucamonga Quakes.
April 12, 2013 Los Angeles Dodgers placed RHP Zack Greinke on the 15-day disabled list. Fractured Left Collarbone
December 10, 2012 Los Angeles Dodgers signed free agent RHP Zack Greinke.
November 3, 2012 RHP Zack Greinke elected free agency.
July 27, 2012 Los Angeles Angels Traded SS Jean Segura to Milwaukee Brewers; Arkansas Travelers Traded RHP Ariel Pena and RHP Johnny Hellweg to Milwaukee Brewers and Milwaukee Brewers Traded RHP Zack Greinke to Los Angeles Angels.
May 4, 2011 Zack Greinke roster status changed by Milwaukee Brewers.
April 21, 2011 sent RHP Zack Greinke on a rehab assignment to Nashville Sounds.
April 18, 2011 sent RHP Zack Greinke on a rehab assignment to Brevard County Manatees.
March 26, 2011 Milwaukee Brewers placed RHP Zack Greinke on the 15-day disabled list retroactive to March 22, 2011. Fractured left rib.
December 19, 2010 Milwaukee Brewers Traded SS Alcides Escobar, RHP Jeremy Jeffress and CF Lorenzo Cain to Kansas City Royals; Kansas City Royals Traded SS Yuniesky Betancourt and RHP Zack Greinke to Milwaukee Brewers and Wisconsin Timber Rattlers Traded RHP Jake Odorizzi to Kane County Cougars.

Donald Zackary Greinke Bio Info

Donald Zachary Greinke...Married to Emily…has a son, Bode...Is a 2002 graduate of Apopka (Fla.) High School, where he was named the Gatorade National Baseball Player of the Year as a senior, going 9-2 with a 0.55 ERA and 118 strikeouts...Brother, Luke, was a 12th-round pick by the Yankees in 2008 and pitched at Single-A Staten Island before his release in 2009...Signed by Cliff Pastornicky (Royals).


Went 17-7 with a 3.20 ERA, 215 strikeouts, 45 walks and a .230 opponents average in his second season with the D-backs...Named to his fourth All-Star team (2009, '14-15, '17), and his first with the D-backs...finished fourth in the NL Cy Young Award voting...Ranked among NL leaders in wins (T-2nd), strikeout-to-walk ratio (4th, 4.78), WHIP (4th, 1.07), walks per 9.0 innings (4th, 2.00), innings (4th), strikeouts (5th), ERA (6th) and strikeouts per 9.0 (8th, 9.56)...Ranked third in the NL and seventh in the Majors with 5.3 pitchers WAR, trailing Chris Sale (8.1), Corey Kluber (7.5), Max Scherzer (5.9), Carlos Carrasco (5.7), Stephen Strasburg (5.6) and Luis Severino (5.5). POSTSEASON: Took a no-decision in the Wild Card Game vs. Colorado (4 ER in 3.2 IP)...took the loss in NLDS Game 3 vs. Dodgers (3 ER in 5.0 IP).


Went 13-7 with a 4.37 ERA (77 ER in 158.2 IP) in 26 starts in his first season with Arizona…named the D-backs Pitcher of the Year by the Arizona Chapter of the BBWAA...Won third consecutive NL Rawlings® Gold Glove Award…tied for second among pitchers with 7 defensive runs saved (also: Dallas Keuchel and Masahiro Tanaka), 1 behind Bartolo Colon...Rated by Baseball America as having the Best Changeup in the NL and the second-best control...Was the fifth pitcher in team history to amass 10+ wins before the All-Star Break and the first since Patrick Corbin's 11 in 2013... Recorded his 2,000th strikeout on Aug. 24 vs. Braves (Freddie Freeman), the 78th pitcher in MLB history to do so...Was the sixth-fastest active pitcher (385 games) to reach the 2,000-strikeout plateau, behind Felix Hernandez (310), Cole Hamels (320), Justin Verlander (327), Jake Peavy (333) and CC Sabathia (353) [source: STATS LLC]...Ranked third among starting pitchers with a 35.9 chase pct., trailing Noah Syndergaard (36.5) and Masahiro Tanaka (36.5)...Was 11-1 with a 3.08 ERA (36 ER in 105.1 IP) from April 15-Aug. 9...Earned the win in 8 straight decisions from May 17-Aug. 9...Had 2 runs and a stolen base on June 23 @ Rockies, the first pitcher to score 2 runs with a steal a game since Greg Maddux on May 3, 2004 @ Cardinals [source: Elias Sports Bureau]...On the 15-day disabled list from July 3-Aug. 9 with a strained left oblique.


Won his second-career ERA title (also: 2009 with Kansas City) and led the Majors in ERA (1.66), winning percentage (.864, 19- 3), WHIP (0.84) and quality starts (30)…Ranked among the Major League leaders in opponent average (2nd, .187), wins (T-3rd, 19) and innings pitched (5th, 222.2) in 32 starts…Won his second straight NL Rawlings® Gold Glove Award…Finished runner-up to the Cubs' Jake Arrieta in the NL Cy Young Award balloting, collecting 10 of a possible 30 first-place votes…Selected to his second consecutive (third career) All-Star Game…earned his first starting nod…His 19 wins were a career high and his ERA was the lowest in the Majors since 1995 (Atlanta's Greg Maddux, 1.63)…Tied a NL record (also: Orel Hershiser and Don Drysdale) with 6 consecutive scoreless starts between June 18-July 19…his 45.2 scoreless inning streak ended on July 26, the fourth-longest streak in the Expansion Era (since 1961)…Ranked 11th in the NL with 200 strikeouts, reaching the milestone for the second consecutive season (fifth overall)…Made 12 scoreless starts, tied for the highest total by a NL pitcher since the Cardinals' John Tudor and the Mets' Dwight Gooden each had 13 such starts in 1985…Made 21 starts of 1 or fewer earned runs, tied for the highest total by a NL pitcher since the Cardinals' Bob Gibson had 24 such starts in 1968…Went 11-1 with a 1.99 ERA (22 ER in 99.1 IP) in 14 starts after the All-Star break, including ending the season with a 6-game winning streak…Was unbeaten during an 11-start stretch from June 18-August 16, going 8-0 with a 1.16 ERA (10 ER in 77.2 IP) in that span… the 8-game winning streak was the longest single-season streak of his career…Pitched at least 6.0 innings in each of his 32 starts…his streak is the longest by a NL pitcher since Roy Halladay went 42 consecutive starts of 6.0+ IP from 2010-11…Was 7-2 with a 1.99 ERA (20 ER in 90.2 IP) in 13 starts vs. NL West…his ERA was the third best among pitchers with 10+ starts vs. divisional opps. behind only David Price's 1.63 ERA vs. AL Central and Jake Arrieta's 1.88 ERA vs. NL Central.


Turned in an All-Star campaign in his second season with Los Angeles, winning a career-high 17 games with a 17-8 record in 32 starts…ranked among the NL leaders in wins (T-5th), winning percentage (.680, 7th), innings pitched (202.1, T-11th) and strikeouts (207, T-5th)...Won his first-career Gold Glove Award, committing just one error in 59 total chances (.983 fielding percentage)…had his 133-game errorless streak snapped (7/21/10-9/13/14) with a throwing error on Sept. 18 at Chicago-NL in the bottom of the first inning on a pickoff attempt...Recorded his fourth-career 200-strikeout season, punching out 207 in 202.1 innings…ranked fifth with an average of 9.21 strikeouts per 9.0 innings, the third-best mark of his career...Both opened and closed the year on season high-tying five-game winning streaks, going 5-0 with a 2.04 ERA (8 ER/35.1 IP) in six starts from April 1-30 and finishing the season with a 5-0 record and a 2.34 ERA (13 ER/50.0 IP) in his final eight starts after Aug. 15...Joined Max Scherzer as the only MLB pitchers to have 15 or more wins each year from 2011-14…according to Stats, LLC, prior to Greinke, the last Dodger to win 15+ games with the team in each of his first two seasons was Claude Osteen (15 wins in 1965; 17 wins in 1966)...Allowed two or fewer earned runs in 22 consecutive starts between July 30, 2013-May 22, 2014, the longest such streak in the Majors since at least 1914…went 14-2 with a 1.76 ERA (27 ER/138.0 IP) during the run...Went 10-2 with a 2.55 ERA (28 ER/98.2 IP) in 15 home starts...allowed two or fewer earned runs in 11 of his 15 starts at Dodger Stadium...Went 12-0 with a 1.74 ERA (19 ER/98.1 IP) in 15 starts against NL West opponents…since divisional play began in 1969, Ramon Martinez is the only Dodger pitcher to post more wins while going unbeaten against the NL West (1990, 13-0 in 18 starts)…went 5-0 with a 1.59 ERA (6 ER/34.0 IP) in five starts against the Giants, becoming the fourth Dodger in franchise history to post five or more wins while going undefeated in a single-season against the rival club...Walked only 43 in 202.1 innings (1.91 BB/9.0 IP, 11th NL) and his 4.81 strikeout-to-walk ratio was the sixth best in the NL...Earned his second-career All-Star selection (via manager's selection) and struck out two in a scoreless inning pitched in the Midsummer Classic...Made 21 quality starts and 23 starts of 6.0 or more innings, with the Dodgers going 19-13 in his 32 starts...Posted a .200 batting average (12-for-60), the fifth-highest mark by a pitcher this year…led all pitchers with six doubles and blasted his fourth-career home run on Sept. 13 at San Francisco off Mike Kickham...Made one postseason start in NLDS Game 2 vs. St. Louis, allowing just two hits and striking out seven in 7.0 scoreless innings in a no-decision (eventual 3-2 Dodger win)



Finished his first season in Dodger blue with a 15-4 record and a 2.63 ERA, the fourth-lowest mark in the NL…topped the NL with a .789 winning percentage and also ranked among the league leaders in wins (15, T-6th), opponents' batting average (.234, T-13th) and WHIP (1.11, 10th)…his ERA was the second-lowest mark of his career, behind only his 2.16 ERA during his 2009 Cy Young season... Ended the season by going 7-1 with a 1.58 ERA (14 ER/79.2 IP) in his last 12 starts after July 30…posted a .204 opponents' batting average (59-for-289) and a 0.93 WHIP, while striking out 73 and walking only 15 in that span…from July 30-conclusion of the season, Greinke's ERA was the second-lowest mark in the Majors behind only Clayton Kershaw (1.55) Posted a single-season, career-high seven-game winning streak from Aug. 5-Sept. 17, going 7-0 with a 1.61 ERA (11 ER/61.2 IP) in nine starts... Selected as the NL's Pitcher of the Month in August, when he was 5-0 in five starts, tying for the Major League lead in wins while posting a 1.23 ERA (five earned runs in 36.2 IP), which was good for the fourth-lowest mark among qualifying Major League pitchers…his .211 (28-for-133) opponents' batting average was tied for the eighth-lowest mark among N.L. hurlers…fanned 30 in his 36.2 innings, while walking just eight batters... Recorded his only shutout of the year on July 13 against the Rockies, allowing just two hits and striking out nine in the Dodgers' 1-0 victory... In 14 home starts, went 8-2 with a 2.11 ERA (22 ER/93.2 IP), the sixth-lowest home ERA in the NL... Posted a single-season, career-high seven-game winning streak from Aug. 5-Sept. 17, going 7-0 with a 1.61 ERA (11 ER/61.2 IP) in nine starts... Suffered a left fractured clavicle on April 11 at San Diego when Carlos Quentin charged the mound after he was hit by a pitch in the sixth inning and underwent surgery on April 13 to fix the injury with a metal plate used to stabilize the fracture…did not make his next start until May 15 after a stay on the disabled list... Completed his third consecutive errorless season and has not committed an error since July 16, 2010, a span of 104 games... Won a Silver Slugger Award after leading pitchers with a .328 batting average, 19 hits, six walks (T-1st) and a .400 on-base percentage…his batting average was the highest by a Dodger pitcher since Orel Hershiser's .356 mark in 1993... Has posted double-digit wins for the sixth consecutive season, joining Justin Verlander, James Shields, Ricky Nolasco, Tim Lincecum, Jered Weaver, Mark Buehrle and CC Sabathia as the only pitchers to accomplish this... Los Angeles went 22-6 in Greinke's 28 starts... Went 1-1 with a 2.57 ERA in three postseason the postseason, limited opponents to a .189 batting average (14-for-74) with 17 strikeouts and just two walks in 21.0 innings...had the best start of his postseason career in Game 1 of the NLCS at St. Louis, allowing two runs on four hits and striking out a postseason career-high 10 batters in 8.0 innings in a no decision (eventual 3-2 loss in 13 innings).

2012 Went a combined 15-5 with a 3.48 ERA in 34 combined starts with Milwaukee and the Angels...acquired by the Angels on July 27 in exchange for IF Jean Segura, RHP Johnny Hellweg and RHP Ariel Peña. Eclipsed 200 innings (212.1 IP) for the fourth time in the last five seasons while reaching the 200-strikeout plateau for the third time in the last four years. Made a career-high 34 starts, while his five losses were his fewest in a full season. Began the season with Milwaukee, going 9-3 with a 3.44 ERA in 21 starts. Made starts in three consecutive team games (July 7 and 8 vs. Houston and July 13 vs. Pittsburgh), becoming the first pitcher since Red Faber (Sept. 3 (DH) and 4, 1917) did it with the White Sox. Went 15-0 with a 2.93 ERA (48 ER/147.2 IP) in 23 starts at Miller Park during his two seasons with the was the longest home winning streak in franchise history and he became just the fourth pitcher in MLB history to win each of his first 15 home decisions with a new team. Took the loss in his Angels debut on July 29 vs. Tampa Bay at Angel Stadium, snapping his 19-game homewinning streak despite allowing just two runs in 7.0 innings...was his first home loss since July 26, 2010 in the Royals' 19-1 loss to the Twins, a span of 29 starts. Struck out 13 in just 5.0 innings on Sept. 25 vs. Seattle, becoming the first pitcher since 1920 to record 13 strikeouts in a start of 5.0 innings or less...the 13 strikeouts were a season high and his 17th career start with 10 or more punchouts...tied an Angels club record (fifth time) with four strikeouts in the fourth inning. Went 7-3 with a 3.91 ERA (49 ER/112.2 IP) in 19 road starts, his first winning season on the road since 2009. Tossed 7.0 or more innings in 20 starts and made 20 quality starts. Finished the season on a season-long five-game winning streak, going 5-0 with a 2.04 ERA (13 ER/57.1 IP) in his last eight starts after Aug. 24. 2011 Went 16-6 with a 3.83 ERA in 28 starts during his first season with Milwaukee. ... Produced 19 quality starts. ... The Brewers went 21-7 in his starts. ... Tied his career high for wins (2009) and tied for sixth in the National League in that category. ... Ranked seventh overall in the National League in strikeouts (201) but trailed only the Dodgers' Clayton Kershaw (203) beginning 5/4 (his Brewers debut). ... Joined Yovani Gallardo (207) as the first pair of Brewers teammates to record at least 200 strikeouts in the same season. ... Made 5 starts with double-digit strikeouts, all 10-strikeout games. ... Went 11-0 with a 3.13 ERA in 15 home starts (95ip, 33er) ... became just the 14th pitcher in modern Major League history (since 1900) to win at least 10 games at home without a loss in a single season ... his current home winning streak is the longest in franchise history by any pitcher after joining the team ... the previous mark of 8-0 was shared by Cal Eldred (1991-92) and John Axford (2010-11). ... Posted a 5.66 ERA over his first 12 starts (68.1ip, 43er), going 7-3 ... posted a 2.61 ERA over his final 16 starts (103.1ip, 30er), going 9-3 ... allowed 2 earned runs or fewer in 14 of his final 16 starts. ... Was named Brewers Pitcher of the Month for July (1-1, 2.27) and August (5-1, 3.02). ... Began the season on the 15-day disabled list with a fractured left rib ... suffered the injury in Spring Training during a pick-up game of basketball. ... Made rehab starts with Class-A Brevard County (1g) and Triple-A Nashville (2g) before he was reinstated from the disabled list on 5/4. ... Made his Brewers debut in the second game of a doubleheader on 5/4 at Atlanta and took an 8-0 loss (4ip, 5h, 5r, 4er, 1bb, 6k, 1hr). ... Earned his first win as a Brewer in a 4-3 victory on 5/9 vs. San Diego (6ip, 5h, 2r, 2er, 0bb, 9k). ... Belted his second career home run on 5/25 vs. Washington with a solo shot off Jason Marquis ... also struck out 10 batters over 7.0 innings in the 6-4 win. ... Tied his career high with a 6-game winning streak over 7 starts from 5/9-6/11 while posting a 4.30 ERA (44ip, 21er). ... Made 3 starts during the postseason, going 1-1 with a 6.48 ERA (16.2ip, 12er). ... Started Game 2 of the NLDS vs. Arizona on 10/2 at Miller Park and received no decision in the Brewers' 9-4 win (5ip, 8h, 4r, 4er, 0bb, 7k, 3hr). ... Started 2 games in the NLCS vs. St. Louis, going 1-1 with a 6.17 ERA (11.2ip, 8er). ... Started Game 1 of the NLCS on 10/9 at Miller Park and earned his first career postseason victory in the 9-6 win (6ip, 8h, 6r, 6er, 2bb, 6k, 1hr) ... also started Game 5 on 10/14 at Busch Stadium and took a 7-1 loss (5.2ip, 7h, 5r, 2er, 2bb, 0k, 1hbp). 2010 Went 10-14 with a 4.17 ERA in 33 starts with Kansas City ... Produced 21 quality starts ... The Royals went 12-21 in his starts ... Ranked seventh in the American League in innings pitched (220.0) ... Reached 200+ innings for the third consecutive season ... Pitched at least 8.0 innings in 10 starts, including 3 complete games ... Went 1-8 with a 4.05 ERA in his first 13 starts (80ip, 36er) and 9-6 with a 4.24 ERA in his last 20 starts (140ip, 66er) ... Made the first Opening Day start of this career on 4/5 vs. Detroit and received no decision in the Royals' 8-4 loss (6ip, 6h, 2r, 1er, 1bb, 4k) ... Posted a 2.51 ERA over his first 7 starts (46.2ip, 13er) but was winless (0-4) ... Earned his first win of the season in his eighth start on 5/13 vs. Cleveland ... After going 1-8, picked up his second win of the season in his 14th start on 6/13 at Cincinnati as he tossed a 7-3 complete game ... notched a season-high 12 strikeouts in that start ... From 6/13-7/6 recorded a season-high 4-game winning streak over 5 starts while posting a 3.00 ERA (39ip, 13er) ... Was traded to Milwaukee, along with SS Yuniesky Betancourt and cash, in exchange for SS Alcides Escobar, OF Lorenzo Cain, RHP Jeremy Jeffress and RHP Jake Odorizzi on 12/19. 2009 Posted arguably the greatest pitching season in Royals history, winning the A.L. Cy Young Award (see voting totals below)...joined Bret Saberhagen (1985 & 1989) and David Cone (1994) as the only Royals pitchers to do so...With 32 votes, fi nished second to Chicago's Mark Buehrle in the Rawlings Gold Glove Award for an A.L. pitchers...Signed a four-year contract with the Royals through the 2012 season on January 26, 2009...In addition to a Major League-leading 2.16 ERA, Greinke led the A.L. in opponent on-base percentage (.276), baserunners allowed per 9.0 innings (9.81) and fewest home runs per 9.0 innings (0.43) while fi nishing second in complete games (6), shutouts (4), strikeouts (242), opponent average (.230), opponent slugging (.336), opponent OPS (.611), hits per nine (7.65) and strikeout-to-walk ratio (4.75)...Posted a career high 16 wins, the most by a KC pitcher since Paul Byrd won 17 in 2002...Zack received only 34 runs in his 17 combined starts of losses and no decisions, a 2.00 run per game average...KC averaged just 4.20 runs per 9.0 innings in his starts, the third-least in the A.L. among pitchers with at least 200.0 innings...In his 8 losses, KC plated just 13 runs (1.6 per game)...the Royals were 1-8 in his 9 no decisions, though he had a 2.35 ERA in those affairs...Greinke was not rewarded with a win in 6 starts in which he allowed 1 or no runs...Voted the American League Pitcher of the Month for April...went 5-0 with a 0.50 ERA, allowing 2 earned runs in 36.0 innings with 44 K's, highlighted by a pair of complete games...Dating to his fi nal two starts of 2008, posted a club-record 43.0 consecutive innings without allowing an earned run, shattering Bret Saberhagen's mark of 34.0 set in 1989...joined former Dodgers' Don Drysdale and Orel Hershiser as the only players in Major League history to record six consecutive starts without allowing an earned run...Was the fi rst pitcher in Major League history to post an ERA of 0.00 while recording at least 36 K's through his fi rst 4 assignments in a season...according to the Elias Sports Bureau, the only hurlers prior to 2009 with any comparable numbers were Tom Cheney with Washington in 1963 (0.25 ERA and 38 K's) and Fernando Valenzuela for the Dodgers in 1981 (0.25 ERA and 36 K's)...Only two other pitchers in Major League history had won each of their fi rst 6 starts and posted an ERA of 0.40 or less: Walter Johnson for the 1913 Senators with a 0.35 ERA and the Dodgers' Fernando Valenzuela in 1981 with a 0.33 mark to open the year...Zack was 6-0 with a 0.40 ERA...His 0.84 ERA through his fi rst 10 starts made him just the third Major League pitcher since 1920 (beginning of live ball era) to post a sub 1.00 ERA through 10 starts...the others were Hall of Famers Juan Marichal, who had a 0.55 ERA through 10 starts in 1966 for San Francisco, and Hoyt Wilhelm, who posted a 0.83 in 1959 for Baltimore...According to research by STATS LLC, Zack's fi rst 10 starts allowing 2 runs or less to begin the 2009 season tied Juan Marichal (1966), Bob Tewksbury (1992) and Jake Peavy (2004) for the third-longest streak to begin a season since 1954...the Reds' Edinson Volquez had 12 straight to begin 2008 while the Senators' Barry Moore had 11 in 1969... second on the Royals all-time list is Kevin Appier, who posted 7 starts of 2 runs or less to open the 1992 season...Also according to STATS LLC, Greinke's 111.0 inning homerless streak, which ended on June 5 at Toronto and dated to the fi fth inning on September 2, 2008, was the longest in the Majors since Kevin Brown went 118.0 innings from August 24, 1996-May 20, 1997 with Florida...Zack's streak was tied with the Mets' Sid Fernandez for the fi fth-longest in baseball since the 1990 season...the Royals record is 134.1 innings by Mark Gubicza from September 21, 1988 to June 7, 1989...Selected to his fi rst All-Star game as a result of the Player Ballot, receiving more votes than any other Major League pitcher (360)...Zack tossed a 1-2-3 fourth in the A.L.'s 4-3 win over the N.L. in St. Louis...his 10-pitch outing consisted of a pop up by Raul Ibanez, and K's of David Wright and Shane Victorino...On August 25 and 30, he became the fourth hurler since 1900 to follow a 15-K game with a one-hitter (Vida Blue in '71, Randy Johnson in '98 and Pedro Martinez in '99)...Claimed possession of a Royals single-game strikeout record on August 25, fanning 15 Indians en route to a 6-2 triumph...he broke the record of another #23, Mark Gubicza, almost 21 years to the day when Gubie fanned 14 in a 4-1 win over Minnesota on August 27, 1988...Greinke's strikeout total matched the most in any game in 2008, tying N.L. Cy Young winner Tim Lincecum vs. the Pirates on July 27...Posted a 3-0 win over the Mariners on August 30 at Safeco...after a perfect fi rst, he allowed a walk and a single in the second before setting down 22 straight to end the game...the one-hitter was KC's 17th all-time of at least 8.0 innings pitched (also four no-hitters) and fi rst since Mark Gubicza on June 15, 1995...Was 5-0 over his last eight starts of the season, posting a 1.29 ERA...allowed 36 hits and eight earned runs in 56.0 innings, walking 13 and striking out 60, while opponents hit .183 against him. 2008 Signed a four-year contract through 2012 on January 26, 2009...Had a breakout season as a full-time starter, fi nishing with a career-high 13 wins and an ERA of 3.47, which ranked 10th in the A.L...also set career highs in innings, strikeouts and quality starts...tied with teammate Gil Meche for fi fth in the A.L. in strikeouts...His 3.47 ERA was the lowest by a Royals pitcher who qualifi ed for the ERA title (a minimum of 162 innings) since Kevin Appier's 3.40 mark in 1997...He and Meche's 183 strikeouts are the most by a Royals pitcher since Appier had 196 in 1997...Joins Meche for 366 combined K's, the best 1-2 tandem for the Royals since David Cone and Kevin Appier combined for a franchise-record 377 in 1993...He and Meche each notched at least 13 wins, marking the fi rst time since 1996 when Tim Belcher (15) and Appier (14) accomplished the feat...Notched 23 quality starts, tied for the second-most in the A.L...the 23 quality starts matched Meche's total from 2007 and is tied for the 14th-most in KC history and the most since Appier's 29 in 1993...Posted 9 starts where he recorded 8 or more strikeouts, including a pair of double-digits (10 on June 24 vs. Colorado and 11 on July 28 at Oakland)...Allowed 2 earned runs or less in 19 of his 32 starts...Zack's 3.27 strikeout-to-walk ratio was 10th in the A.L. while his 8.14 strikeouts/9 IP was sixth in the A.L. among qualifi ed starters...He and Meche became the fi rst KC 1-2 punch to each reach the 200-inning threshold since Paul Byrd (228.1 IP) and Jeff Suppan (208.0) in 2002...Tossed his fi rst career 9-inning complete game and third overall complete effort on April 14 at Seattle in a 5-1 win...allowed 1 run on 5 hits in the route-going performance...Was named Royals Pitcher of the Month for April after going 3-0 with a 1.25 ERA in 5 starts...Struck out a career-high 11 in a 4-2 win at Oakland on July 28...At 24 years and 321 days old, Zack became the third-youngest hurler in Royals history to reach triple digits in career starts when he worked on September 7 against the Indians...Royals Hall of Famer Bret Saberhagen was the youngest to reach the century mark, doing so in 23 years and 133 days...Jose Rosado was the second-quickest at 24 years and 286 days...Zack narrowly beat out Royals Hall of Famer Mark Gubicza for third on the list, as Gubie took 24 years and 332 days to record 100 starts...Ended the season strong, not allowing a run in a pair of 7-inning starts, defeating the Mariners, 12-0, on September 18 before beating the Tigers, 5-0, on September 23...Named Royals September Pitcher of the Month after going 4-1 with a 2.18 ERA in 5 starts. 2007 Opened the season as the Royals No. 3 starter after spending nearly all of the 2006 season at Class AA Wichita...The Royals were 30-22 in his 52 appearances including 29-13 in his final 42 appearances of the season...Made 7 starts to open the season, going 1-4 with a 5.71 ERA, before being moved to the bullpen...Went 3-6 with a 3.80 ERA (68.2 IP, 79 H, 29 ER, 21 BB, 51 SO) in 14 starts and 4-1 with 1 save and a 3.54 ERA (53.1 IP, 43 H, 21 ER, 15 BB, 55 SO) in 38 relief appearances...Began the year with a pair of solid starts, allowing just 1 earned run in each start, posting a 1-1 record and a 1.38 ERA (13.0 IP, 14 H, 3 R, 2 ER)...walked just 1 and struck out 12 in those 2 starts...Suffered the shortest start of his career on April 16 at Detroit, lasting just 0.2 inning and allowing 4 runs on 3 hits and 3 walks...Picked up wins in back-to-back relief appearances on June 10 vs. Philadelphia and June 14 vs. St. Louis...Earned his fi rst career professional save on June 29 vs. Chicago, tossing 2.2 shutout innings on 1 hit...Returned to the starting rotation on Aug. 24 vs. Cleveland...went 2-2 with a 1.85 ERA (34 IP, 30 H, 7 ER, 10 BB, 31 SO) in 7 starts to wrap up the season...Recorded 10 straight scoreless outings (including 3 starts) covering 19 innings from Aug. 7 to Sept. 3...allowed 14 hits, walking 3 and striking out 19...Tossed the best game of his career in a win on Sept. 20 vs. Chicago, allowing just 2 hits in 8 shutout innings...set a new career high with 10 strikeouts...Led baseball with a 1.54 ERA (41 IP, 7 ER) from Aug. 7 through the end of the season (min. 40 IP)...Was third in baseball among pitchers with 50 or more innings with a 2.42 ERA (52 IP, 14 ER) following the All-Star break. 2006 Opened the season on the 60-day D.L. for personal reasons...placed on the D.L. on April 1...Made his 2006 debut on June 2 with Wichita (AA)...went 8-3 with a 4.34 ERA in 18 games (17 starts) and was named Wichita Pitcher of the Year...finished the Wichita season on a strong note, going 4-1 with a 2.44 ERA (48.0 IP, 40 H, 13 ER) in his final 7 regular season outings...Allowed 3 earned runs or less in 12 of his 17 starts for the Wranglers...went 2-0 with a 0.90 ERA (20.0 IP, 2 ER) in 3 starts from July 29-Aug. 9...recorded a season-high 12 strikeouts in a complete game win on July 3 at Springfield...Was recalled from Wichita on Sept. 19 and went 1-0 with a 4.26 ERA in 3 relief appearances for the Royals...Made his 2006 KC debut on Sept. 22 vs. Detroit, tossing a scoreless 9th inning in a 7-3 Royals loss.Earned the win in his fi nal outing of the season on Sept. 29 at Detroit...recorded 3.0 scoreless innings, allowing 3 hits and 2 walks while striking out 3. 2005 Spent his 1st full season at the Major League level, logging a 5-17 record with a 5.80 ERA in a career-high 183.0 innings...Tied a club record by hitting 13 batters, matching the mark set by Jim Colborn (1977) and Mike Boddicker (1991)...his 13 hit batsmen were tied for 4th-most in the American League...Finished with a career-high 17 losses, tied for the 6th-most in club history (also Dick Drago, 1972; Dennis Leonard, 1978; Paul Splittorff, 1979)...his .227 winning percentage was the 2nd-lowest in club history, behind only Jim Rooker in 1969 (4-16, .200)...Allowed 11.46 hits per 9 innings for the 3rd-highest average in club history, behind Brian Anderson (11.77 in 2004) and Jose Lima (11.69 in 2005)...Led the American League in losses and ranked 2nd in earned runs (118), 4th in hits allowed (233) and 4th in runs allowed (125)...His 5.80 ERA was the 2nd-highest in club history, behind teammate Jose Lima's 6.99 mark...the previous record was 5.65 set by Rich Gale in 1979...Was tied for the Majors lead with 11 losses at the All-Star break (Jake Westbrook, CLE)...recorded the worst winning percentage in Royals franchise history at the break (1-11, .083)...tied for the team lead with 18 starts prior to the break and led the team with 2 complete games...Rebounded from his 1-11 record and 6.20 ERA prior to the All-Star Break to go 4-6 with a 5.36 ERA after the break...Posted a 2-8 record and a 5.47 ERA (102.0 IP, 62 ER) at Kauffman Stadium, while going 3-9 with a 6.22 ERA (81.0 IP, 56 ER) on the road. ..Had an impressive 3.86 ERA (44.1 IP, 19 ER) in day games, compared to a 6.43 ERA (138.2 IP, 99 ER) under the lights...Made his debut at Detroit on April 7 (2.1 IP, 4 H, 0 ER, 0 BB, 1 SO)...left the game in the 3rd inning after being struck by a line drive on his right forearm...Held the Mariners scoreless in his next start on April 13 at Kauffman Stadium, but took a no decision in KC's 2-1 loss after allowing just 4 hits in 6.0 innings (1 HB, 0 BB, 2 SO)...Took a no decision vs. Chicago on April 23, allowing just 2 runs (1 ER) on 5 hits in 7.0 innings...struck out 7 batters and threw 110 pitches...allowed the 1st unearned run of his career in the 1st inning (158.1 IP)...was the only starter since 1971 in MLB to throw that many innings to begin a career without allowing an unearned run...Was 0-4 with a 3.09 ERA through his 1st 8 starts after the Royals scored just 4 runs while he was on the mound in those 8 games...Recorded his 1st career complete game in a loss May 10 at oronto...allowed 3 runs on 6 hits in a career-high 8.0 was the Royals 1st complete game of 2005 and the final game under Tony Pena...Took a no decision in a 4-3 Royals win on May 15 vs. Tampa Bay...the win marked the 1st time the Royals had picked up a win in Greinke's last 12 starts dating back to Sept. 14, 2004, despite his 2.90 ERA (71.1 IP, 23 ER) in those 12 starts...Earned his 1st win of 2005 and his 1st win since Sept. 9. 2004 at Detroit when he beat the Yankees, 5-3, on May 31 at Kauffman Stadium...snapped a streak of 14-straight winless starts...allowed 3 runs on 3 hits in 5.0 innings...the game was the Royals 1st under manager Buddy Bell...Had decisions in 8-straight starts from June 21 to July 30, posting a 2-6 record...Surrendered a franchise-record 11 runs (all earned) and equalled a club record with 15 hits allowed in a no decision in a 12-11 Royals loss on June 10 at Arizona...became the 1st Major League starter since 1969 to allow 11 earned runs and not be charged with a loss...Recorded his 1st Major League hit on June 10 at Arizona, hitting a home run in the 5th inning off Russ Ortiz...the homer was the 8th hit by a pitcher in KC history and the 1st since Lance Clemons went deep on Aug. 31, 1971...Struck out a career-high 8 batters in a 5-1 loss at Chicago on June 21...Recorded his 2nd complete game of 2005 in a 5-0 loss to Los Angeles on July 3...the game was called in the 6th inning due to rain...Snapped a personal 5-game losing streak on July 14 at Detroit, allowing 2 runs on 5 hits in 5.1 innings in a 12-9 Royals win...Recorded his 2nd-straight win in a 4-0 victory over Cleveland on July 19, shutting out the Indians on 4 hits and 1 walk through 7.0 innings...won back-to-back starts for the 1st time since Sept. 1-9, 2004....also won back-to-back road starts after failing to win in 9 consecutive road starts dating back to 2004...Went 2-0 with a 1.46 ERA (12.1 IP, 2 ER) in his 1st 2 starts following the All-Star break...Rebounded from a tough August (0-3, 6.83 ERA) to turn in a 2-1 record and a 3.82 ERA (35.1 IP, 39 H, 15 ER) during the month of September...Led KC to a 4-0 record in a 4-start stretch from Sept. 9-25...was 2-0 with a 1.75 ERA after holding opponents to 23 hits, 8 runs (5 ER) in 25.2 innings...walked just 2 batters and struck out 15 in that stretch. 2004 Had an impressive debut season for the Royals, logging an 8-11 record and a 3.97 ERA in 24 games...his 3.97 ERA ranked best among KC starters after allowing 64 earned runs in 145.0 innings pitched...Was named the 2004 Bruce Rice Royals Pitcher of the Year, joining Dennis Leonard (1975) as just the 2nd rookie in club history to win the award...Made his Major League debut on May 22 at Oakland...had a no decision in a 5-4, 11-inning loss and left with a 2-2 tie...pitched 5.0 innings allowing 2 runs on 5 hits...held Oakland scoreless in the 1st 3 innings before giving up a 2-run homer to Erubiel Durazo with 2 outs in the 4th...Was the youngest active player in the Major Leagues upon making his debut... became the 3rd youngest pitcher to start a game for Kansas City (20 years, 7 months, 1 day) trailing only Bret Saberhagen (20 years, 8 days) and Mark Littell (20 years, 5 months, 27 days)...Became the 1st drafted Royals player since the 2000 draft to reach the Majors...became the 7th player from the entire 2002 or 2003 draft class to reach the big leagues...Posted the 2nd-most wins in club history before the age of 21, trailing only Bret Saberhagen who had 10...joined C.C. Sabathia as the only pitchers to win more than 6 games before their 21st birthday since 1990...Sabathia won 9...Did not allow an unearned run during the season, becoming the 5th rookie in Major League history to do so (minimum 100.0 innings pitched)...pitched the most innings without allowing an unearned run in a rookie campaign since Ted Wilks of the 1944 St. Louis Cardinals (207.2 IP)...Ranked 3rd in the American League in night ERA, posting a 3.29 ERA in 16 starts (5-7, 101.1 IP, 91 H, 37 ER) comparison he was 3-4 with a 5.56 ERA (43.2 IP, 52 H, 27 ER) in day games...Ranked 10th in the league in home ERA (3.31, 84.1 IP, 31 ER)...was 6-6 in 14 home starts and held opponents to a .235 average at Kauffman Stadium...Led all Major League rookies in ERA (minimum 98.0 IP)...led all rookies with a 3.85 strikeout/walk ratio (minimum 44.0 IP)...Also ranked among MLB rookie leaders in innings pitched (2nd), wins (3rd), strikeouts (2nd, 100) and quality starts (2nd, 13)...Recorded his 1st Major League win on June 8 vs. Montreal (7.0 IP, 3 H, 0 ER)... retired the 1st 10 batters in the game for a 4-2 baserunner reached 3rd base, while just 2 runners reached 2nd...Set a franchise record for fewest earned runs allowed (5) in his 1st 4 big league starts...Opened the season with a 2-8 record and a 4.77 ERA in his 1st 12 starts (71.2 IP, 70 H, 38 ER) after the Royals scored just 25 total runs in those starts...KC was held to 4 runs or less in each game and 3 runs or less in 8 of those games...went 6-3 with a 3.19 ERA the remainder of the season (73.1 IP, 73 H, 26 ER)...Posted a 5-0 record with 3 no decisions when KC scored at least 4 runs and was 7-2 with 3 no decisions when scoring at least 3 runs... KC scored a total of 15 runs in his 11 losses...Was named Royals Pitcher of the Month for both August and September...went 3-1 with a 3.69 ERA in 5 August starts (4 BB, 20 SO)... was 2-1 with a 1.99 ERA (31.2 IP, 24 H, 7 ER) in September...Finished the season by going 4-2 with a 2.42 ERA (55.2 IP, 53 H, 15 ER) in his last 9 starts...Tied a club record by allowing 4 home runs (all solo) on Aug. 27 at Seattle...also allowed 4 home runs on July 20 vs. Baltimore...Took a perfect game into the 6th inning vs. Detroit on Sept. 1...was spoiled by Craig Monroe's leadoff single in a 1-0 Royals win...allowed 0 runs on 3 hits in 7.0 innings. 2003 Named the Royals Minor League Pitcher of the Year and The Sporting News Minor League Player of the Year after compiling a combined 15-4 record and a 1.93 ERA (140.0 IP, 30 ER) for Wilmington and Wichita.

Was named to the USA Today Sports Weekly Minor League All-Star team after ranking 3rd among all minor leaguers in ERA...was 2 wins shy of tying for the most wins in the minors.

The Carolina League Player of the Year opened the season with Wilmington (A) where he posted an 11-1 record and a 1.14 ERA (87.0 IP, 11 ER) in 14 starts...started the season 9- 0 with a 1.17 ERA (69.0 IP, 9 ER) in his 1st 11 starts.

Suffered his 1st loss of the season on June 10 at Fresno, despite allowing just 3 hits and 2 earned runs in 6.0 innings.

Won his next 2 starts before he was promoted to Wichita (AA), where he went 4-3 with a 3.23 ERA (53.0 IP, 19 ER) in 9 starts. Held opponents to 3 ER or less in 22 of his 23 starts and did not allow a run in 8 starts for the year...opponents batted just .221 against Greinke for the year.

Went 7-0 with a 0.96 ERA in 7 home starts at Wilmington.

Led the Carolina league in complete games (3) and ranked 2nd with 11 wins...was tied for 2nd with 1 shutout.

Named to Sports Ticker's Texas League All-Teen Team and Texas League All-Prospect Team.

Named to Baseball America's High Class A All-Star Team...was the starting pitcher in the Carolina League All-Star game...was tabbed as the Top Prospect in the Carolina League by Baseball America.

In a vote of league managers, he was tabbed as the best pitching prospect and the best control pitcher in the Carolina League, according to Baseball America...was also named the organization's top prospect, best control pitcher and pitcher with the best changeup.

Tossed a perfect 4th inning in the Futures Game, throwing 9 of 12 pitches for strikes and fanning Devil Rays DH prospect Pete LaForest and Mets catching prospect Justin Huber.